Our Approach To Academics

Ivy League Christian Academy views academics as a foundation to the growth and success of the student; therefore, academics must be challenging with opportunities for the student to innovate, create, and explore concepts. As the student dedicates time and effort into the planned assignments, readings, labs, and activities, the concepts develop toward academic success. Challenging academics enables each child the opportunity to advance to the college and career of choice. The preparation through academic inquiry advances the mind to higher levels of creativity and understanding. Teachers are highly qualified to provoke thought toward academic success.


In Preschool children are exposed to the fundamentals of communication, self-care, and socialization. This is an important phase for developing positive habits and laying the groundwork for future academic success.


K5 Academics

At the grammar school level (K-5), students advance in reading comprehension skills, mathematical reasoning, and knowledge of the world in which they live.

Elementary School

Middle (6-8) Academics

At the middle school level (6-8), students begin physical maturation with an understanding of why creation operates in systematic occurrences, how mathematical principles effect the function, and how to express such understanding through writing.

Middle School

Upper (9-12) Academics

At the high school level (9-12), students begin formulating ideas based on knowledge to express understanding and conceptual reasoning.  These ideas are actualized through problem solving, research writing, historical timelines, and potential discoveries beyond the present patents and articles.

High School

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