ILA Programs

Morning And After Care Programs


Morning Care

Morning Care is from 7:30 until 8:00 am, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, designated school closings, or inclement  weather conditions.  Morning Care is offered at no extra charge to the families.

After School Care

After School Care is available to all Ivy League Academy students.  After School Care is from 3:15pm until 6pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, designated school closings, or inclement weather conditions.  The After School Care fees are different and are as follows:  (1 child) $10 per day or $40 per week; (2 children) $70 per week; (3 children) $90 per week.  A $5.00 per minute charge will be assessed for any child pick up after the school’s designated closing time (6:00pm)

Late Pick Up

Students left beyond designated designated school closing time, including early dismissals due to inclement weather will be assessed a $5.00 per minute late charge.

Lunch And Snacks

Each student will need to bring a morning snack,an afternoon snack, and lunch. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the student will have the opportunity to purchase items from local restaurants, such as pizza, chicken nuggets, tacos, etc

Extracurricular Activities

(definitives to be announced when school begins)

Band (offered to 3rd grade and up)

Theatre (offered to 3rd grade and up)

Gymnastics (offered to 1st through 6th grade students)

Students participating in the gymnastics program will be transported to Gymstrada for lessons each week.

Ballet (offered to all students)

Soccer (offered to all students)

Tumbling (offered to preschool and kindergarten students)

Classes are held on a weekly basis by Gymstrada instructors.

Middle School Sports Program (coming soon)