Academics 9-12

9th Grade

Bible 9

1 Credit

Examine the foundations of the early church and the faithfulness of first century Christians through a study of Acts and the early Pauline Epistles: Romans, Galatians, Corinthians, and Thessalonians. Bob Jones Press.

History 9: Omnibus I – World History

Omnibus is a Latin term meaning “all encompassing.” Completing Omnibus I will provide the student a full credit in Ancient World History I as Doctrine and Theology I and Ancient Literature are also studied. Combining these disciplines will have students grow in appreciation of the unity of knowledge. All material is taught through a biblical worldview. Veritas Press.

English 9: Composition and Grammar

English 9 covers all eight parts of speech with special emphasis on adjectives and adverbs, including adverb clauses. It also presents a review of the five basic sentence patterns, usage concepts such as agreement and pronoun reference, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Instruction and practice in library skills and study skills are included as well. All the steps of the writing process are reviewed as students complete writing projects such as a devotional, a research essay, an in-class essay, a comparison/ contrast paragraph, poetry, and a public service announcement. Bob Jones Press & Veritas Press

Science 9: Space and Earth Science

1 Credit

This text clearly introduces students to the secular theories of where everything they see came from. They critique these theories. For each secular theory, the text affirms the conservative biblical view of Earth’s history shaped by Creation, the Fall, and the Flood. Students’ Christian worldviews will be shaped and strengthened as they learn about tectonic processes, landforms and earth materials, fossils, the oceans and oceanography, rivers and lakes, the atmosphere, weather and storms, climate and environmentalism, the solar system, the universe and cosmology, and space science. Bob Jones Press.

Literature 9: Fundamental of Literature

Students are taught the process of literary analysis and discuss six literary elements: conflict, character, theme, point of view, structure, and tone. Students are taught to analyze and evaluate authors, works, and themes in light of Scripture. Includes an English translation of Rostand’s drama Cyrano de Bergerac. Bob Jones Press.

English 9: Vocabulary option

Conclude the special emphasis on Latin word parts and discuss the difference between denotative and connotative meaning. Expand the discovery of word meaning through context. Bob Jones Press.

10th Grade

Bible 10

1 Credit

Highlighted are key messages of individual Old Testament books and timeless truths about the person and work of Christ to teach obedient Christian living. Students will learn important historical, geographical, and biographical information that brings the Bible to life. The Bible Reading Program is incorporated with a series of detailed study questions meant to teach proper interpretation as students read through all of Scripture. Bob Jones Press.

Honors Science 10: Anatomy & Phisiology

Students will cover in detail the anatomy and physiology of the 11 organ systems created perfectly by the hand of our omniscient Creator. The course prepares students for college level anatomy and physiology. Apologia Educational Ministries.

English 10: Composition and Grammar

The eight parts of Speech are taught, verbal phrases, clauses (including noun clauses), usage, and mechanics. Review the five basic sentence patterns and introduce two new sentence patterns. Reference chapters include library skills and study skills. Students are led through the writing process and teach writing strategies such as sentence expansion and reduction, coordination and subordination, and correct use of parallelism. Writing projects include a persuasive speech, an editorial, a eyewitness report, a research essay, a cause-and-effect essay, a short story, poetry and metaphor, and a webpage design. Bob Jones Press.

Science 10: Biology

1 Credit

Students will see God’s power and glory in creation as they learn about cellular biology, genetics, taxonomy, microbiology, botany, zoology, and human anatomy. When studying topics such as Creation and evolution, human cloning, abortion, and stem cell research, students are pointed to Scripture as the ultimate authority and are encouraged to develop a biblical perspective about these topics. Bob Jones Press.

History 10: Omnibus II

Omnibus II provides an credit in medieval history combine with concepts of doctrine and theology, and appropriate literature samples. Veritas Press

Literature 10: Logic

Students evaluate literature in light of Scripture and from a biblical worldview as they learn to critically think and analyze for effective writing and verbal persuasion. Veritas Press

English 10: Vocabulary option

Taught are Greek word parts and discuss the contribution of Greek to modern English. Emphasized is the importance of proper word selection for vivid writing. Bob Jones Press

11th Grade

Bible 11: Understanding the Times I

1 Credit

To prepare students for adulthood in the world and to prepare their minds for Christian thinking, students learn the Philosophy, Ethics, Biology, and Psychology for Christian Theology, Islamic Theology, Secular Humanistic Theology, Marxist-­‐Leninist Theology, Cosmic Humanist Theology, and Postmodern Theology. Students will be convinced and convicted that the biblical approach to life is the absolute truth. Summit University Press.

History 11: US History

Uncover the history of our nation through this comprehensive survey. The book focuses on the causes of events, the strains on the Union, and the underlying issues that have shaped United States history, from the age of exploration through the Obama administration. Bob Jones Press.

English 11: Writing and Grammar

The eight parts of Speech are taught, verbal phrases, clauses, usage, and mechanics. Review the seven sentence patterns and introduce advanced concepts such as tense sequence, perfect verbals, and adverbial nouns. Reference chapters include library skills and study skills. Students are led through the writing process and teach writing strategies such as variety, emphasis, and sentence logic. Writing projects include a research paper, a literary analysis, a folktale, a narrative poem, a hymn, an analytical essay, an interview, a memoir, an analogy, an in-class essay, and a letter to the editor. Bob Jones Press.

Honors Science 11: Advanced Chemistry

The course includes detailed discussions of stoichiometry (with limiting reactants), thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, orbital hybridization, molecular orbitals, molecular geometry, chemical equilibrium, and nuclear chemistry. Also, students will receive an introduction to organic chemistry, focusing on major functional groups, organic nomenclature, and polymer chemistry. Apologia Educational Ministries.

Honors History 11: Advanced US History

Completing Omnibus III will provide the student a full credit in Modern US and British History I, Doctrine and Theology III, and Modern US and British Literature I. Combining these disciplines will have students grow in their appreciation of the unity of all knowledge, and all the material is taught through a biblical worldview. Veritas Press

Literature 11: Rhetoric

Ancient rhetorics for contemporary students blends the strategies of ancient Greek and Roman rhetoricians with the contemporary writers for a classical delivery. Veritas Press.

English 11: Vocabulary option

Introduced are some of the ways English acquires words—such as allusions, coining, back-formation, folk etymology, and borrowing from other languages. Bob Jones Press.

12th Grade

Bible 12: Understanding the Times II

1 Credit

Students continue their study in competing worldviews to include the Sociology, Law, Politics, Economics, and History as it relates to Christian Theology, Islamic Theology, Secular Humanistic Theology, Marxist-Leninist Theology, Cosmic Humanist Theology, and Postmodern Theology. After completion of this course, students are well grounded in knowledge, head and heart, to defend their faith. Summit University Press.

History 12: Government

Students are prepared for responsible citizenship with a discussion of the principles and mechanics of a constitutional republic. Bob Jones Press.

English 11: Writing and Grammar

Addressed are the particular needs of advanced-level students, including writing strategies for sentence logic and energy, paragraph development, and organization. Reviewed are parts of speech, sentence patterns, usage, and more. Covered are test-taking strategies and college application essays. Bob Jones Press.

English 12: Vocabulary option

Students are taught recognition of native English words and words borrowed from other languages. Present changes in word meanings and discuss euphemisms and metaphorical words. Bob Jones Pres.

Science 12: Physics

Students will discover the real-world importance of physics in exercising biblical dominion in the physical world. They will interact with raw data from actual physical phenomena and historical experiments as they create and evaluate scientific models, just like real physicists, present and past. This text presents the traditional physics topics of classical mechanics, as well as energy, matter, thermodynamics, electromagnetics, optics, and modern physics, all within a vibrant Christian worldview. The material is built upon a pre-calculus framework. Bob Jones Press.

Honors Science 12: Advanced Physics

Students will take a deep look into concepts of God’s physical world to understand how things really happen. Concepts include rotational motion, gravity, electrical forces, magnetic forces, atomic physics, general relativity, thermodynamics, waves, optics, nuclear physics, electrical potential, circuits, and much more! Apologia Educational Ministries.

Literature 12: Senior Thesis

A culminating research project advancing critical thought and logic by exploring a research topic, creating a research design or logical argument for presentation to an audience displaying knowledge of rhetoric, logic, and poise. Veritas Press

Upper School Math Requirements

Algebra I Part II

Students complete Algebra I by studying polynomials, rational expressions, radicals, and solving rationals. A look at probability, statistics, and scriptural connections are integrated. Bob Saxon, Veritas Press

Algebra Functions and Data Analysis

Basic functions of algebra, graphing, and solving equations are explored coupled with statistics and analysis. Bob Jones Press, Veritas Press

Algebra II

Review basic algebraic functions and extend each student’s skills in graphing and in solving equations. Introduce exponential functions, logarithms, and trigonometry. Present more advanced topics such as complex numbers, rational expressions and equations, conic sections, probability, and statistics. A matrix algebra feature, Algebra Around the World, Algebra and Scripture, dominion modeling activities for graphing calculators, and biographical sketches of mathematicians are included throughout. Saxon, Veritas Press


Students are introduced to a balanced study of proofs, theorems, and real-life geometry. Included are area, volume, congruence, similarity, space, transformations, constructions, and trigonometry. The book contains analytic geometry features, Geometry Around Us, Geometry and Scripture, and biographical sketches of mathematicians. Saxon, Veritas Press.


Lessons emphasize functions, graphing, and trigonometry and introduce differential calculus. Math Around the World, biographical sketches of mathematicians, an approximation methods feature, Math and Scripture, and dominion modeling activities for graphing calculators are also included. Saxon, Veritas Press.


Students are motivated while fostering understanding and mastery. This brief text emphasizes integrated and engaging applications that show students the real-world relevance of topics and concepts including functions, graphs, limits, differentiation, application of the derivative, exponential and logarithmic functions, integration and its applications, and functions of variables. Saxon, Veritas Press

Upper School Spanish

Spanish I

1 Credit

Students are taught how to ask and answer questions, give and follow directions, purchase items, make small talk, and present the gospel. Bob Jones Press.

Spanish III

1 Credit

Spanish 3 further develops your students’ mastery of vocabulary, oral communication skills, and grammatical structure with a special focus on verb forms. The text features true stories and letters from missionaries in Spanish-speaking countries. Bob Jones Press.

Spanish II

1 Credit

Students will learn to communicate at an intermediate level in a store, a bank, an airport, a hotel, a doctor’s office, and an auto shop. They will get an overview of grammatical structure and learn Scripture passages. Bob Jones Press.

Spanish IV

1 Credit

Students master vocabulary, oral communication skills, and grammatical structure. The text features true stories and letters from missionaries in Spanish-speaking countries. Bob Jones Press.

Upper School Physical Education Requirements

Physical Education

P.E. and Health are a combined course. 1 Credit

The course consists of strength and conditioning exercises along with physical agility, team work games, survey of multiple sports and rules of the game, and presidential physical fitness exams.


First Aid, CPR, AED training with certification plus infant CPR. This all‐inclusive course covers all topics necessary for certification. Staywell Company or Family Life Skills. Bob Jones Press

Health also includes anatomy and physiology as it relates to good health and sport activity including exercising, body mass index, food intake and processing, and training.

Fine Arts


0.5 Credit

Students engage in music appreciation, offering a unique approach to exploring the sounds, the forms, and the history of music along with proper breathing techniques, sounds, and performance.

Upper School Electives


Students are introduced to public speaking from platform presence to persuasion by speaking on biblical topics and life experiences.

Advanced Philosophy of Religion

1 Credit

Addressing both classical concepts and a host of contemporary issues, the readings cover all of the standard subjects including religious experience, divine attributes, theistic arguments, the problem of evil, and miracles—as well as more recent topics like reformed epistemology, process theism, the kalam cosmological argument, the religion ‐ science controversy, religious ethics, and the diversity of world religions. All of the concepts are filtered through a biblical worldview perspective as students learn how to biblically give an answer to the world’s views and to substantiate Christianity. Oxford University Press.


1 Credit

A course in art history to equip the students in a variety of art. Veritas Press

College Preparatory

1 Credit

Students are introduced to the research methods for distinguishing the college or university that the Lord has planned, key components within a college interview, filling out applications, filling out FAFSA forms, applying for financial assistance, scholarships, grants, and much more!


1 Credit

Students efficiently learn to type letters and numbers through proper utilization of the keyboard. Once mastered, students learn word applications such as proper formatting for various academic and business tasks. Glencoe.

Computer Technology

1 Credit

Students navigate through all applications including Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, creating data bases, research techniques, and manipulating spreadsheets for a complete integration of computer applications for work, school, and play. The course is designed to equip students for their freshman year of college at a computer knowledge level that allows for free integration of techniques into course work

Additional Requirements in Virginia

Economics and Personal Finance

1 Credit

Students are prepared for making financial decisions with instruction about taxes, interest on loans and savings, personal banking, and costs of transportation, food, clothing, utilities, and insurance. Being a good steward of the Lord’s money is the primary emphasis. Included are instructions on how credit card charges are calculated, how Social Security benefits are determined, who pays what when you go to the hospital with insurance, and calculation of federal income tax. Economics of the world is also addressed in the context of this course. Bob Jones Press.